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Winner's Circle: April

Written by Staff
Posted Apr 16, 2009
Three elite Olympians will blaze the streets of Boston this year, in a bid to capture the worldís attention in a way that American distance running has yet to experience.

I can live with not winning the Boston Marathon, but I can't live with not giving it my all in training and the race. We are all trying to figure out how to push ourselves to our own personal limit without redlining and coming up short of the finish line, whether you are running a four-hour marathon or a two-hour marathon.

The biggest challenge for me has been controlling my emotions in training. I so want to be a part of Boston Marathon history,to follow in the footsteps of my coach [Alberto Salazar], that when Iím out running, I just start to push from excitement.  But if I want to run the race that Iím capable of on April 20th, Iíll have to contain that excitement for most of the race!

Iíd like to run in the 2:09 range and place in the top five again. When I ran the race in 2006, I had Clint Verran pushing me in workouts. He is injured this year, and Iíve missed having a guy push the pace every day like he did. Even so, Iím looking forward to the crowds and the course, which suits a strength runner like myself.

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