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Crossing the Line in Style

Written by: Administrator
Posted: Tuesday, 15 January 2008
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TYR Sport Inc., the long-time leader in competitive swimwear crosses the line into couture active wear with its new Crossback and Crossback Workout Bikini, the very first athletic training suit featuring the stylish new self-adjusting cross strap pattern.

Designed to deliver both performance and head-turning style, the new Crossback is made for the fashion-forward swimmer inspired for victory in the pool practice after practice. The Crossback’s striking new silhouette features a thin-strap design guaranteed to help any swimmer stand out in the crowd. The self-adjusting criss-cross strap system custom fits to every woman’s distinctive torso.

Constructed from 100% Durafast™--a unique blend of polyester and PBT blend--the Crossback will maintain its stylish fit while also providing the comfort, minimal moisture absorption and unsurpassed sun and chlorine resistance every serious athlete requires. Plus, these 100% Durafast suits will last three times longer than traditional Lycra.

“Training for the Olympics in 2008 has me constantly in and out of the pool,” says two-time Olympic medalist Martina Moravcova. “The Crossback holds up even through the toughest workouts. TYR’s direction is really at the forefront with what’s happening in the world of fashion. They reflect it in their designs and I simply love it.”

The new Crossback is available in sharp solid colors, a catchy camouflage pattern, and a spicy skull pattern aimed at the serious swimmer who isn’t afraid of making a bold statement.

Gone forever are the days of monotonous training swimwear. Now swimmers with an eye for fashion have the suit they’ve always wanted; a suit that combines ultimate performance with the ultimate in fashion. The Crossback is yet another innovation from TYR, the leader in performance sportswear for over two decades.

Visit www.tyr.com for more information.

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