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Fun Fitness Gear

Written by Rebecca Heaton
Posted Aug 30, 2007

Tote a Fitness Caddy to the gym and then take care of your toes at home with Yoga Toes.

Handy Gym Tote

You’re heading to the gym juggling your water bottle, keys, cell phone, towel, membership card and the like. It’s too much for two hands, but not enough for a bulky gym bag. Now there’s a better way to deal with it all: the Fitness Caddy. This slender tote and water bottle holder is a handy place for everything a fitness buff would need to carry. The Fitness Caddy is big enough to hold up to a 1.5-liter bottle of water but also has multiple compartments to hold identification, gym card, keys, cell phone, glasses, energy bar and more. Drape a towel through the big metal ring. The easily adjustable strap allows the tote to be slipped over a shoulder at the gym or worn sling-style for hands-free walking. Whether you’re heading to the gym, walking or hiking, the Fitness Caddy will come in handy. $20, www.fitnesscaddy.com

Treat your Feet

As athletes and fitness buffs, we tend to focus on strengthening and training every part of our body except what is likely the most important part: our feet. We rely on our feet for most of our sports and activities, so if they’re injured, we’re home sitting on the couch. Take care of your tootsies with an innovative product called YogaToes. Created by a yogi who saw the importance of caring for feet, YogaToes help exercise and stretch your foot muscles, realign bones and actually make your feet stronger. They can also help fix common foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes and neuromas through stretching and realignment. What’s best is that they’re easy to use: just slip each foot in, sit back and relax. First-time users should go for 5–10 minutes, working up to an hour. Your feet will let you know how long. Wear YogaToes while sitting at your desk, eating dinner, watching TV or relaxing. Made of a medical-grade plastic, YogaToes should last a lifetime. Available at Vitamin Cottage, Samadhi Center for Yoga and select yoga studios. $48.50/pair. For info, email janetsYogaToes@aol.com or call 303-733-7118.

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