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Snow Gear for the Season

Written by Rebecca Heaton
Posted Jan 15, 2008

There’s nothing worse than cold hands when you’re trying to enjoy a day on the slopes. Mountain Hardwear’s Lightspeed Gloves ($135) and Mitts ($125) are warm and waterproof. The gloves feature special “Z” welded seams that are super strong and help keep the moisture out. So no worries about these babies splitting at the seams when you’re skiing or riding your hardest. www.mountainhardwear.com

Kombi's Freeform Glove & Mitt features Gore-Tex's new 2 in 1 technology with an insulated "middle divider" that allows the user to flip between two weights of insulation depending on activity and temperature. Insert your hand into the back side "pocket" and experience a fully insulated glove. Flip to the front "pocket" and dexterity is maximized with limited palm side insulation. $100, www.kombisports.com

For your noggin, Bula’s Stereohead Collection offers hats with adjustable and integrated earphones. With frequency range and sensitivity, this Bula technology offers great quality of sound to any MP3 lover who wants to listen to his or her favorite songs while enjoying winter sports or strutting the city streets in chilly weather. $30, www.bulabula.com

The All Terrain Skier's Soothing Kit provides natural remedies for your next trip to the mountain. It includes SnowSport Skin Protector, Recovery Rub, Skin Saver Lotion, Lip Armor lip balm, Aloe Gel Skin Repair. www.allterrainco.com





Itching to snowboard but can't get to the slopes? Log on to Candystand.com and check out Snow Grind, a new 3D snowboarding game. Trick and race to the bottom of the slope while picking up as many style points as possible.





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