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IMBA Rules of the Trail

Posted Feb 18, 2009
The International Mountain Biking Association developed the “Rules of the Trail” to promote responsible and courteous conduct on shared-use trails. These guidelines for trail behavior are recognized around the world. Check them out here.

Three Quick Tips to Speed Up Your Swim

Posted Feb 16, 2009
Try these suggestions and see if they shave off a second or two. And remember: technique is everything.

Get Faster

Posted Feb 11, 2009
Here are five quick tips to improve your speed.

Learning from the Young

Posted Jan 09, 2009

I was poking around online the other day, just one of those random acts of surfing that begin so innocently and end up becoming a two-hour abuse of time, when I came upon a Runner's World forum on the pros and cons of ice baths. I'm a big fan of them, and make my runners take one after every hard workout.

Snowshoeing 101

Posted Jan 02, 2009
Many new-school winter sports, such as ice climbing or backcountry skiing, come with high price tags and/or steep learning curves. Not so with snowshoeing, a sport which has been transformed thanks to modern yet still relatively inexpensive equipment.

Avoiding the Dreaded Gain

Posted Dec 26, 2008
Winter here is brutal for runners and bikers. At 5:30 a.m. on Saturday when my alarm goes off, I know it’s time for my longest run of the week. But do I really want to unwrap myself from my bed blanket cocoon when it’s in the 30s or colder and I am so cozy? Um no…but if I don’t it’s hard to justify Friday night’s happy hour drinks accompanied by my favorite spicy chicken wings. Not exactly workout food.

Half Ironman Preparation

Posted Apr 04, 2008

The following is a five-month Half Ironman training program to ramp up for a Half Ironman Triathlon. Shown below are mileage expectations for the build up period leading up to the race. Doing the mileage described probably won’t be enough to qualify you for Hawaii, but it will provide you with a solid foundation for a great racing experience. This is a general guideline. Depending on your skill sets, you will need to make some adjustments. For instance, if you are aquatically challenged, then you will need to do more yards than I have shown.

The Physical Stress of Elite Level Training

Posted Jan 22, 2008

In a prior article, I introduced a notion that training for sports competition at the elite level was the antithesis of a healthy activity. Since many people seem to think that athletes are almost by definition healthy, I thought I might develop that idea a bit further in this follow-up article.

15 Essential Tips to Pursing your First Marathon

Posted Jan 16, 2008
In her new book, Run Your First Marathon,Grete Waitz, nine-time winner of the New York City marathon, points out one of the wonderful draws of the marathon. “No matter who we are,” she writes, “at some point we are all first-time marathoners. All of us share that. That’s the beauty of the race — Olympians and all-comers share the same event.”

Going Clubbing...Sports-Style

Posted Jan 16, 2008
I'm don't remember exactly when I joined my first running club, but I have vivid memories of the club itself. It was the Ann Arbor (Michigan) Track Club, and someone I'd met at a race must have persuaded me to attend a track workout. 

Going Downhill Fast

Posted Jan 15, 2008
Perhaps you’ve gone the route of zero training or preparation before your season-launching swagger to the ski lifts in November. You may then remember how bad of an idea it was. You skied your brains out on the first day and ended up sore as heck — or as sometimes happens to green legs, ended up taking out a knee.

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What's in a Medal?

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Learning from the Young

Examining the use of ice baths, plus other tips.

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