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The HIp Chronicles - Part 10

Written by: Scott Tinley
Posted: Monday, 14 January 2008
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scott tinley As most know, Scott Tinley was one of the most prolific triathletes of all time, competing in and winning hundreds of triathlons all over the globe. Scott has been suffering through hip problems for a number of years and recently decided to have his hip resurfaced on Thursday, December 13th in Wisconsin. Scott is providing an exclusive diary for Competitor so that our readers can follow his journey to recovery.

Today is my sisterís birthday. I donít know exactly how old she is. I donít know the number to call her but I remembered the day. Or perhaps it remembered meóthe fact taking the lead. Itís a start. We traveled today. Went home on a big oleí jet airpliner. After the Transportation Safety Agency bent be over the Homeland fence, saving America from Muslims one metal body part at a time, I boarded and felt my four days of intense rehab fall away as each hour passed. My wife, Sherpa Virginia, schlepped heavy bags like a teamster and we landed to Smiliní Jimmy Black at the curb with a cold holiday ale in the center console and Jackson Browne in the dash. San Diego never felt so Ithacanian, the tired ship of my body so Odysseusian.

I went home and with what energy I had left, poured myself into bed. What a long, strange trip itíd been. I keep thinking that there is something I needed to say, something important thatís been missed and will resurface like The Hand in the movie, Deliverance. But itís not forthcoming. I suppose itís like everything elseóit just goes on, it just is.

I fell asleep at three in the afternoon. At midnight I awoke and tried to get comfortable. Will I live as long as Cora? Learn a skill as well as Dr. Rogerson? Come to know compassion like Cherry?

I feel bad for Ahab. And I suppose if I was moving in the right direction, Iíd feel bad for airport security folks as well. I hope I get old before I die. I hope you do as well.

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John B. - Good luck!   | | 01.16.2008
Hey ST... Been following along with all the blog postings. Good luck in the recovery. A family member of mine had a full hip replacement in November of 2006, and by June he was doing alcatraz and by November of the following year was competing in a 70.3 race.

If you can do it, I'm sure the recover won't be any problem for you!

Good luck! !
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